Camp GLP Crew 2017 Application. So glad you are interested in joining our camp crew!. Please take a few minutes to complete this application, so we can learn a bit more about you. We will be reviewing applications and sending out notifications on a rolling basis.

We have a limited number of spots and lots of interest, so whether we're able to invite you onto the Crew or not, we want you to know that YOU'RE AWESOME!

As of now, our spots on the camp crew are full, but there's a slight chance that things could change or rearrange.

With gratitude,
The Camp GLP team


Phone number:

Facebook link:

Instagram link:

If you have a website, add it here:

Are you a new camper or a returning camper? *

How do you spend your time these days? Personally & professionally. *

What are you passionate about? What hobbies and activities do you enjoy outside of work? *

What skills do you have that relate to this position? What characteristics do you have that would make you a great part of our volunteer crew? *

Name one of your superpowers? *

What is the best work-related compliment you’ve ever received? *

The person who knows you best would describe you as: *

A little known fact about yourself?

As part of the Camp Crew, we have LOTS of jobs that need to get done. We also would like to match you with jobs that you are good at and enjoy. Please check all that apply to help with our scheduling needs. *

As part of our reduced rate/GLP Crew team, Crew members will be required to join us a day early (on Wednesday between 12pm-3pm) for set up. On Sunday, we need help packing up until about 4pm (this is not required, but is super helpful if you are able). During Camp each volunteer will be scheduled to help out up to 3 hours each day and the rest of the time, you get to enjoy all the benefits of being a camper.

Camp Crew reduced rate: $395. *

Do have any limitations that might make any of the above activities a substantial challenge or impossible to perform? *

You ROCK!!! We'll let ya know if a spot opens up on the camp crew! We'd love to have you join us in August either way! 

Come play! Hope to see you there.
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