Snapshot360 is a simple online tool to help quickly assess the level of your three Good Life Buckets, as described in Jonathan Fields' book, How to Live a Good Life: Soulful Stories, Surprising Science and Practical Wisdom. 

Quick redux - think of your life as three buckets: Vitality, Connection and Contribution. Your Vitality Bucket is about optimizing your state of mind and body. Your Connection Bucket is about cultivating deep and meaningful relationships. And, your Contribution Bucket is about the way you contribute to the world.

A good life happens when all three are full. Snapshot360 is a simple tool we've designed to help you quickly assess where each bucket is now, so that you can figure out where to focus your energies. 

For each bucket, you will get your "Bucket Score," a number out of 100 that reveals how full/empty that bucket is. Then, it's up to you to give your buckets the love needed to top them off. You find many ideas to do just that in Jonathan's book.

Be sure to be honest with your answers. Do Not answer based on what you "wished" you felt. If you do that, this assessment loses its ability to help you. Instead, take your answers as an opportunity to own your current reality, then do the work needed to fill your Good Life Buckets.
Let's go!
Vitality Bucket Questions

When I'm working toward something and progress stops coming easily, I view that as an opportunity to grow and figure out a way to breakthrough, rather than get dejected, angry or want to just give up. *

My body feels strong, agile and as physically capable as it can be. *

I notice what is right and good in my life, and feel grateful for those things and relationships. *

I am as free of physical pain as I am capable of being. *

I am present and aware in the moment I'm in, not trapped in the past or fretting about the future. *

I exercise at a moderate to high-intensity and take breaks throughout the day to move my body. *

I am able to bounce back quickly when things don’t go my way *

Healthy, multi-colored, plant-based foods are a staple in my diet. *

I am optimistic about the future and feel there is possibility all around me. *

I sleep a solid 7-8 hours at night and feel awake and energized during the day. *

This completes the Vitality Bucket section of your Snapshot360. 

Your score is  {{var_score}} out of 100

This will give you a sense for how full your Vitality Bucket is at this moment in time. Remember, it is not a judgment, it's just information that you can use to help figure out how much love you might want to give to this bucket right now.

If you feel like it is in need of filling, the Daily Explorations in the book, How to Live a Good Life, by Jonathan Fields, will give you a great head start. Then, you can come up with your own to keep it going.

Be sure to take a screenshot of this page, or write down your score and put it in a safe place or folder so that you can track your progress over time.
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